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About Visio HQ

Visio HQ is the business hub of Visio Group International.

Since 2014, we have been offering expert coaching, consulting and business solutions to help entrepreneurs, SME’s and larger enterprises to grow from concept to concrete.

Our hybrid consultancy model leverages crowd-sourcing of expert freelancers and career professionals across multiple specializations and industries to deliver greater value to our clients.

We empower people and team to achieve more

We optimize structures, systems and processes

We foster creativity, innovation and disruption

We provide evidence-based services and solutions


We develop positive entrepreneurs, design viable business models and promote organizational sustainability in Jamaica and the wider Caribbean.

We envision ourselves as Jamaica’s premier corporate transformation centre driven ecosystem of professionals and business partners offering evidence-based consulting and business solutions for entrepreneurs, SME’s and public service organizations.

Mark-Odean Grant

Founder - Visio Group International

Mark-Odean Grant serves as Principal Consultant of Visio HQ.

He is based in Kingston, Jamaica and serves a broad range of clients in multiple industries and functions with his work in corporate strategy, organization development, and people operations.

Expert Solutions
Boost your Success

We are helping organizations to reassess their strategies and improve their results.

Imagine what we can do for you!

What Our Client Say

"Great quality of work as always and very skillful in project management and the areas of expertise.​"
Mila Kunis
HR Manager
"These guys are amazing : short terms, reasonable pricing and the best results! Cheers from Finland!"​
Marselino Kobar
Business Manager